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Monday, January 31, 2011

What is a Bad Bitch?

By definition Bad means a: failing to reach an acceptable standard : Poor
Bitch means 1: the female of a dog, or some other CARNIVOROUS mammals
                    2: a lewd or immoral woman

via URBANDICTIONARY a Bad Bitch is defined as: A self respected, strong female who has everything together. That consists of body, mind, finances, and swagger. Also, a female who does & gets hers by any means necessary.

My question is how could a self respected strong female embody such a degrading term and refer to herself as it. I find myself even referring to myself as a bid bitch and now I come to think of it.. I dont even know why. I feel like since Nikki Minaj, Trina (the self proclaimed baddest bitch) and many other female figures started referring to themselves with such a term that made it okay, and in a way something to aspire to be. With females wanting the nice body, nice car, nice clothes, best man etc.... and once they think they have obtained these materialisms it was okay to call themselves a BAD BITCH! wrong I think we need to shy away from terms such as that and find more uplifting ways to speak positively about ourselves and boost our self imagine as well as self esteem... So gentlemen next time yu say you want a bad bitch... think about what kind of women your referring to and is that one who would degrade themselves or have such a shallow perception of things? What does everyone else think?


  1. I never thought of it like that...its just that when a (New Ebonics) word hits the Street and starts to sound cool/good to the ear, you just take it and sort of run with it...but i think a BAD BITCH is the Maximum Level a Female can reach in my Book-after a all, to me a BAD BITCH has to be High Leveled on Looks, Physical Features, Financially, Specially Brains and be the Independent type...

  2. It's the same as us black dudes trying to take back the word 'nigger'. The word is altered to Nigga and by using using it enough as a positive descriptor then the negative aura is hopefully faded. That's the theory anyway. Females both ugly and fine have been labeled Bitch for a long time and in recent years (since like 02) I've been hearin ladies callin themselves bad bitches. I'm not gonna say women aren't allowed to empower themselves but I always thought this was a pretty lame way to do it. It's not workin for us black men and it's not gonna work for the ladies.

    1. i agree with you 1000%, i hate to see a black man called themself nigga, the same word thats been use to degrade since i can remember, but i guess if black ppl use it its ok, i just think the word has it meaning, doesnt matter who use it, the mening will never change. but hey just the way it is. i really dnt see hwy a female would wantto call herself an bitch, i dnt care if bad, or cool or pretty is placed infront, it still have the same meaning

  3. A bad bitch is a girl who doesn't give a fuck about anything. Who is super fine, bout it bout it meaning she's down to fuck whenever if the guy is cute. Has attitude, fights, and gets her way. Even if it means hurting peoples feelings or breaking hearts.

  4. dammnnn sounds like words from a truly bad bitch :) thanks for your input chica

  5. A bad bitch is one who is independent, a bosslady, H.B.I.C, does what she wants, when she wants and isnt concerned with what others say or think about it. She has the highest self confidence and self esteem no matter what her size, shape but she also has pretty girl swagg and always stays fabulous with her gear. She dresses to impress and owns the room when she enters it.

  6. "A bad bitch is a girl who doesn't give a fuck about anything. Who is super fine, bout it bout it meaning she's down to fuck whenever if the guy is cute. Has attitude, fights, and gets her way. Even if it means hurting peoples feelings or breaking hearts."

    No sweetheart. What you just described is a hoodrat. A bad bitch is a woman who knows she's fly, respects herself and has shit going for herself. It doesn't have anything to do with how many dudes she fuck or how cute she is it's all about her handling her business and OWNING her flyness.

  7. Honestly females usin the term bad bitch is basically killin the word bitch feel me cause before Nicki Trina etc if you was to call a female a bitch y'all was fightin that's that just like niggas wassup nigga but if somebody (whites) was to say nigga or nigger y'all fightin or killin somebody so i feel as if we could take the negativity outta these words there wouldn't be so much hate today

  8. i say no matter how you look at it the term bad bitch is what everybody want to think it is. To me a bad bitch is a chicc that know she is the shit and at the end she is not rude stuck up and is street and book smart. You dont have to care about size long as you comfortable in your own skinn you feeling bhadd will boost ya self esteem. In NOT a bad Bitch .. Imma Badd Chicc Dhats Trynna Grind And Get what I Need! !! #fact

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8cHxydDb7o

    You kids are confusing. ;)

  10. Lol. A bad bitch is a beautiful young girl who prides herself on praise. Whether it being for her features, attitude, intelligence, possessions, or achievements. She is not yet mature enough to simply accept herself as a young lady or woman. Remember females: it's not what they call you but what you anawer to. Live up to your own standards and not society's.